Great Westerford Courtyard

We were approached to redesign a multifunctional open courtyard space situated on top of a very important data centre belonging to a cellular phone company as part of an overall upgrade to the Great Westerford office complex. Our design aimed to create a serene corporate environment with many opportunities for the employees in the building to sit on low walls to talk or just take a break from the office. The material choices and colours were influenced by the materials chosen by the architects for the interior refurbishment of the building. Timber decking was used all along the perimeter and a polished concrete surface for the central walkway. The client’s brief called for some small trees and also a lawn area. Once we rationalised the design and drainage requirements, we designed formal planter boxes cladded with polished concrete panels on all visible sides to contain the new planting.


Great Westerford Atriums

The Great Westerford office building had varied dated planted containers in lobbies and common areas and two large atriums with built planters cladded in red granite and planted with various exotic interior plants and gravel mulch in different colours. We were commissioned to design low maintenance planting for new modern trough planters in common areas and lobbies and the granite in the atrium planters were cladded with Limbali timber. We opted for a very minimalist approach to suit the new interior of the building and planted very large Ficus benjamina trees in each atrium and used two species of Sanseveria on mass, planted in square black plastic liners.